Members of IIM Kalpakkam Chapter received various awards & honors in NMD ATM 2019: 

1. Best Oral Presentation (Testing and Characterization of Materials)

Influence of artificial pit on corrosion fatigue behavior of 316LN SS and its weldment,
A. Poonguzhali*, S. Ningshen and G. Amarendra

 2. Best poster award (Ferrous materials processing)

Characterization of deformation and fracture resistance of a reduced activation ferritic steel
B. Shashank Dutt, G. Shanthi, M. Nani Babu, A. Moitra

 3. Prize in Metallography contest (Scanning Electron Microscopy)

SEM micrographs for the oxide film thickness on (a) Reduced Activation Ferritic Martensitic Steel (RAFMS); (b) Modified 9Cr 1Mo steel (P91) plate surfaces exposed to atmosphere for ~eight months period
N. Sreevidya


IIM Kalpakkam Chapter extends hearty congratulations to all prize winners and thanks all members for active participation and support in chapter activities.