Theme Meeting on 'From Materials Development to Performance'

Design and development of advanced structural materials is an important milestone in the mission to achieve efficient, sustainable and environmental friendly nuclear power technology. In recognition of this fact, IIM Kalpakkam Chapter organised on theme meeting titled 'From Materials Development to Performance' on 30 November 2018, to educate Chapter members on the different facets of an advanced materials development programme. 

The opening remarks in the theme meeting were given by Dr. G. Amarendra, Director MMG and MSG, where the importance of learning lessons from past experiences and incorporating them in future efforts was brought out. This was followed by 6 talks on diverse aspects of materials development. The first talk by Dr. C. Sudha described the evolution of microstructure at dissimilar metal interfaces. The theme of microstructural development was continued by Dr. R. Mythili, with emphasis on development of INRAFM steel. Dr. S. Ningshen delivered the third talk on corrosion issues encountered in aqueous reprocessing plants.

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