Current Advances in Materials and Processes

The IIM Kalpakkam Chapter encourages Research Scholars to share their research activities and results with large audiences on prominent fora, thus building confidence and facilitating the two-way flow of knowledge. Towards the end, the Chapter conducts a meeting titled 'Current Advances in Materials and Processes (CAMP)' exclusively for Research Scholars.

The recent edition of CAMP, namely CAMP-2019, was held on 10 April 2019 at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. Five research scholars in different stages of their PhD programme presented their work to an audience comprising IIM Kalpakkam Chapter members and senior members of IGCAR.

 T. Suresh Kumar initiated the technical talks with a comprehensive presentation of his work on thermo-mechanical fatigue of 316LN weld joints. He was followed by S. Abdul Rehman, who shared recent innovations in using the small-punch technique for ageing studies. Materials simulation aspects were brought out by M. Ragavendran, who presented his numerical simulations of orbital TIG welding of 316LN pipes. Sumana highlighted some recent advancements in NDE, through her talk on phased-array ultrasonic imaging. The final talk was delivered by Lakshmanan on nano-indentation studies of defects in nanoporous gold.

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