The two-day course organised by IIM-Kalpakkam Chapter on 'Metallurgy for Practicing Engineers' comprised talks and presentations by subject-matter experts on the following topics:


(1) Selection of Materials for Engineering Applications, by GS Shankar from Caterpillar India Pvt. Ltd. (available here)

(2) Materials & Metallurgical Aspects Behind Design, by R Suresh Kumar from IGCAR (available here)

(3) Melting and Casting, by Phani Kishore from MIDHANI (available here)

(4) Quality Assurance During Material Processing, by MV Kuppusamy from IGCAR (available here)

(5) Materials Joining Technologies, by V Balasubramanian from Annamalai University (available here)

(6) Environmental Degradation & its Prevention, by S Ningshen from IGCAR (available here)

(7) Characterization of Engineering Materials, by R. Mythili from IGCAR (available here)

(8) Metal Working During Processing of Engineering Materials, by Utpal Borah from IGCAR (available here)

(9) Mechanical Testing & Evaluation, by Vani Shankar from IGCAR (available here)

(10) Heat-Treatment & Thermal Surface Modification Processes, by V Raghunathan from Fluidtherm Technology Pvt. Ltd. (available here)

(11) Non-Destructive Evaluation, by R Subbaratnam from IGCAR (retd.)  (available here)

(12) Stainless Steels & Application in Industries, by Hemant Kumar from IGCAR (available here)